Insurance update


Written on Monday, June 12, 2006 by Jessica

It took a whole month for the insurance company (Allstate) to inform us that they were cancelling our policy. We were naively expecting a detailed letter explaining what needed to be fixed and how to schedule a reinspection. Nope. The letter vaguely listed some (but not all) of the problems, recommended that we find another insurance company, and even provided us with information about obtaining a policy from the state. (You know, one of those expensive, last-chance policies that states typically offer.) Basically, Allstate wants nothing to do with us.

We've switched to Auto Owners. They're not writing us a regular policy, but they're charging a reasonable price for a fire policy, which will give us time to fix the issues. Then we can convert to a standard homeowners' policy easy peasy. I can't believe I spent so much time stressing about Allstate. If they're okay with our switching all of our policies to another company -- fine, it's their loss.

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