Written on Tuesday, August 08, 2006 by Jessica

My sweet baby boy is experiencing colic-like distress. It's certainly not true, full-blown colic, but it doesn't leave me any less heartbroken as he screams inconsolably.

We've begun narrowing it down. It's not the formula. (I still supplement b/c my milk drops inexplicably about every third day.) The next step is to begin eliminating foods from my diet since something is probably creeping into my breastmilk and causing havoc. First, I'm going to eliminate caffeine. This won't be hard b/c I quit caffeine about three years ago. I accidentally drank some last Friday and Sunday when I had Sunkist orange pop (that's "soda" or "soft drink" to you non-Midwesterners). Because Sinkist is orange, I incorrectly assumed it didn't have caffeine. Seth's distress seems to have coincided with the introduction of caffeine. (Fingers crossed, as it's an easy fix.)

If his colic continues, the next step is to cut down or eliminate cow's milk. Let's hope we don't have to take this step. I LOVE milk.

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  1. Danielle/Brooke |

    I hope it is not the milk. However, it could be the lactose. Tommy is Lactose intolerant and it tends to run in the family. Normally it does show till later in life but Tommy picked it up early. I doubt this is it cause Tommy's started bothering right from the get go but don't rule it out.

    I feel for you and Seth. It is no fun when your baby cries and you don't know why.


  2. Anonymous |

    Back in the "dark ages", when I had my kids, Matt had colic. In those days they prescribed something called "Donatol", which was basically, alcohol. It helped some, but not much really. Matt screamed constantly for the first 9 months of his life. All we could do was hold him and walk around with him. Here's the good part....I have read recently, that infant massage works very well for colic, AND, you are not turning your baby into an alcoholic!
    - Jean

  3. Jessica |

    "Back in the dark ages." Ha, ha. When I was reading up on colic, one "modern-day" doctor was recommending a glass a wine for mommy, which will relax her and help the baby feel better, too!


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