Beckham leaving Europe to play for L.A. Galaxy


Written on Thursday, January 11, 2007 by Jessica

I don't usually blog about sports, but it blows me away that David Beckham is coming to the U.S. to play soccer.

This guy is in for quite a shock. For one thing, he's going to have to learn to call it "soccer" instead of "football." And no more huge arenas full of adoring soccer hooligans. No more dodging bananas thrown on the pitch to taunt black players.

His five-year contract with the Galaxy is reportedly worth £128 million (i.e., USD $248.7 million). Where did the Galaxy dig up a pile of cash like that? I mean, they're a soccer team.

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  1. Jennifer |

    where do you find this stuff?

    i would have never known.

  2. Jessica |

    Well, as hard as I try to swear off the news, I can't seem to manage it. You're blogging to a CNN junkie.

  3. Anonymous |

    Imagine, DavidBeckham living in the US..gosh...I feel like a little piece of heaven has touched out (or will be touching) our wonderful polluted American soil. What happen to all those immigration policies politicians are talking about? How come we let a foreigner come into this country and take our money like this...Deport Beckham and his skinny stick shaped wife (americans spent way too much money on her too when she was a spice girl). lol.

    Just messing with you folks. The Home Depot Center, home of the LA Galaxy (i think its theirs) is onlyh about 8 miles from where I live, ain't I LUCKY!!?


  4. Jessica |

    You'll be able to seem him in the flesh. You can be a Beckham groupie. Let us know if he's as handsome in real life.

  5. Anonymous |

    Jessica, I cannot stand any type of organized sports! (can I use the word "ironic" again since I work for Major League Baseball?)

    The only soccer games I have ever attended was my nephew's little soccer league games.

    The reason why I know about The Home Depot Center is because I see The Dave Matthews Band Perform there at least 2x a year... Do I smell pot?....


  6. Jessica |

    Why, yes. I think you can use the word ironic.

    That must be pretty cool, though, to be able to say that you work for MLB.

  7. Teriana |

    I didn't even know there were professional soccer teams in the US save for perhaps olympic teams. Blah. I'll have to add soccer to my list of things I could do without.


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