Written on Friday, February 16, 2007 by Jessica

On a curvy stretch of road this morning, I spun the car around 450 degrees and planted it in a snowbank. (Disclosure: Seth was not in the car.)

It happened pretty fast, but I had enough time to form several thoughts though: "Too fast. I hope the car doesn't flip when I hit the snowbank. *WHAM*/*CRASH* Did a window just shatter? [Still spinning.] *THUD* [Car comes to rest.] Shit." It then occurred to me that Baby's Daddy was ice fishing and would be very unhappy about having to drive down to get me out.

I got out of the car and looked as the road. It had a slimy coating of snow and salt and dirt. Slippery stuff. You can't see it, but I should've know better. The car's nose was in a snowbank. The ass end was hanging out well into the lane. My situation had actually been better while I was still spinning. Now I was in danger of being hit by other cars. In fact, I nearly did cause an accident because one car slowed down and the SUV behind him nearly hit him while spinning a 180.

A minivan full of skiers stopped. A dad and three teen boys jumped out to push. Then a pickup with a couple of guys stopped to offer a tow rope. My heroes.

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  1. Christina |

    At least you are okay, I am glad that you got out of it safe and sound. These weather conditions make it such a mess to drive in!

  2. Jessica |

    Considering how fast I was driving, this wasn't so bad.

    One of these days I'll have to tell the story about when I went into the ditch with my grandma in the car.

  3. Unknown |

    WOW, scary stuff! I bet your heart was going, "THUMPA, THUMPA, THUMPA!"

    Glad you're ok.

  4. Jessica |


    It turns out I really buggered up my car, though. Sigh.

    I've written a new post to detail the carnage.

  5. Joanne |

    Holy cats! Thank goodness you are okay and it wasn't any worse.

  6. Teriana |

    Aren't those Good Samaritans nice? They've rescued me from the ditch twice, given me a ride when I was out of gas and drove me back to my car after I was lost turkey hunting.

  7. Jessica |

    I love Good Samaritans and always try to be one myself.


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