When did you become a Mommy?


Written on Thursday, September 06, 2007 by Jessica

If you're a mom, you probably remember that first moment when it hits your that you're really a mommy. (I stole this idea from That Blue Girl. You can read her Mommy Moment here.)

For me, it was the first night we had Seth. He spent the first two nights in the NICU, which was almost surreal, especially the first night, when I could hear other babies crying in their parents' rooms, but I hadn't even held my baby yet.

The third night in the hospital, he was finally with us. He kept waking up, and when a nurse finally came in and swaddled him for us, his blanket was sticking out a half-inch from his nose -- plenty of room to breathe, I know, but I still checked him make sure he was breathing. That was my mommy moment.

P.S. I checked him a dozen more times that night. Wanted to be sure he could still breathe.

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  1. Unknown |

    I clearly remember that moment. It was a couple of days after my daughter was born, I was still in the hospital from having her and I had a C-section with her, I tried to stand up while holding her and felt her shift in my arms. I was so scared I was going to drop her. I sat immediately back down and looked at her, cried over her and hoped I never did anything to hurt her.

  2. Sherri Sanders |

    I don't really think I was Mommy material, at first. Sure, I had a baby, and I knew I had to feed him and change his diapers, but it all seemed like I was somehow detached.

    The moment I realized I had become a 'Mommy' I was headed into Wal Mart to pick up diapers and formula. I had a baby in my right arm, a diaper bag in my left, my purse slung over my shoulder, and I was quietly singing to Zachary all the way up to the store like it was second nature.

    I no longer worried about how I looked, or what people thought, or if I was doing everything right.

  3. Jessica |

    Lisa, isn't it amazing to think that your baby now has a baby!

    Sherri, you should tell the story about the nasal aspirator. :)

  4. Joanne |

    I still check in on James before I go to bed each night. I can not fall asleep until I've looked in on him. It's amazing how we get transformed isn't it?

  5. Alex |

    I so would not be able to handle being a mommy.

  6. Jessica |

    Nah, but you'd probably be a good daddy.


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