Getting old


Written on Thursday, January 31, 2008 by Jessica

I hate the fact that I have to stop and think now to remember how old I am. I'm reduced to counting decades on my fingers. I guess I should be happy that I still remember what year I was born, which allows me to do the calculation. If I come to a point where I don't even remember the year, I should just toss in the towel, right?

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  1. Sherri Sanders |

    Oh, I'm SOOOOOOOOO envious! No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to forget how old I am!

  2. Unknown |

    Yeah, I feel your pain! Totally!

  3. Teriana |

    You're lucky the year you were born is such a low number that it's easy to remember.

  4. Alex |

    I dont mind getting older, it's better than the alternative

  5. Valerie |

    Isn't that why people just say 29, 39, 49, etc? J/K I just had a birthday, so it is especially hard right now to remember to give the right age.


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