Doin' the dishwasher dance


Written on Friday, April 25, 2008 by Jessica

Warning: The post below describes my horrifying housekeeping habits. Read at your own risk.

A few years ago, we bought a dishwasher, and I was so happy that for the next three months, I did the dishwasher dance whenever I thought about it.

When we moved into the new house, no dishwasher. Today, almost every dish is dirty. They're heaped up on every counter surface. Last night I gave Seth a drink of milk from a measuring cup. Yes, it's true. Now you know just how bad of a mother I am. I made my child drink from a measuring cup. Sure, my kitchen is not as bad as those people on that show, "How Clean is Your House," but it's still pretty bad.

Well, things are looking up. Today my MIL bought us a brand new dishwasher for $30 at a garage sale. And a brand new garbage disposal for $20.

Sing with me. Oh, happy day...

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  1. Anonymous |

    Hi J--

    I wont point and make fun of you like I would do to someone in your situation...(yes, I have a streak of evil in me!).

    I have a cleaning lady that visits my house 2x a month and I always make sure to budget some money for that. I would hate not to have her around.

    Not that I am lazy, but working 6-7 days a week and putting in 9-10 hours each day takes a toll on me. I cannot imagine what it does to you, having to take care of a baby, Seth and working all day.

    You might consider a cleaning lady to come in and you just keep up with the cleaning in between.


    PS. I love How Clean is your house. I always feel better about myself when I watch that show.

  2. Jessica |

    Yeah, "How Clean Is Your House?" always seems to make me feel better, too.

  3. Christina |

    It's technology great. i hugged my washer/dryer and fridge after we moved

  4. Unknown |

    Oh I am definitely singing with you. This duplex we're in has a dishwasher but it sucketh. So I hand wash things and I REALLY miss my dishwasher. :(

  5. Teriana |

    I refuse to wash dishes unless absolutely necessary. The apartment I lived at in Murderville didn't have a dishwasher so I bought plastic silverware and paper plates. Then I forgot them all when I moved.

  6. Jessica |

    Lisa, maybe you should buy a portable dishwasher with your "economic stimulus" check! :)

    Teriana, good lord. The number of dishes that you generate couldn't possibly be that bad to wash! Could it?

  7. Valerie |

    Doesn't Bob help with the house work?


    Right, like Jeremy does probably...only when we have company coming over.

  8. Jessica |

    Actually, Bob is more likely to do housework than I am. (He's more likely to get sick of the dishes before I do.) Poor Bob. He didn't marry well...

  9. Anonymous |

    That reminds me, Monkeyman refuses to do anything around the house. He usually has Monday off. When I got home from work yesterday, the sink was full of dishes, the garbage had not been taken out, the plants had not been watered I could go on and after that, he went and hit some balls (he plays golf) with my brother!!!

    I did not marry well at all, lol.

    I had to do all the work plus ++++...then he expects me to play with him later...please!!!


  10. Joanne |

    I guess I'm a spoiled beotch. I would never move into a house that did not have a dishwasher. ;-)

    You are amazing-I would not be willing to wash dishes by hand.

  11. Jessica |

    Z., tell you're new exercise guru that he can burn calories by doing a little housework!

    Joanne, after I moved out of my parents' house in 1992, I think I went ten years without a dishwasher! And I'm not nearly as amazing as you think, because I pretty much wasn't willing to do dishes by hand, either, which is how my entire kitchen became filled with dishes. I wish I'd taken a photo, just to prove to everyone how bad it was. (At the time I was thinking, no way I'm photographing this. I don't want anyone to have any proof!) For the most part, I kept up on the dishes until winter hit, which is when I go into survival mode. I wish people could hibernate during winter. I would've made a good bear.


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