Holidays, Observances, and Celebrations


Written on Saturday, July 31, 2004 by Jessica

This site provides a nice resource for weird holidays and observances. (Did you know that August is National Get Acquainted with Zespri New Zealand Kiwi Fruit Month? Or that January 3rd is Memento Mori "Remember You Die" Day?)



Written on Saturday, July 24, 2004 by Jessica

And here's another person who has found a creative use for spam. He uses the subject lines of spam as inspiration for "poorly-drawn [sic] cartoons."



Written on Tuesday, July 20, 2004 by Jessica

I really want a cigarette.

Not really. I don't smoke and I never have. But that's my new joke here at work. Susan and I are both on diets, so when I have the urge to go down the vending machine, I have to tell her so she can stop me (and vice versa). However, it's kinda mean for me to say, "I really really want a Snickers candy bar," b/c then she might want a Snickers too. So I just tell her I want a cigarette. And right now, I really really want a cigarette. Sigh.
So far I've cheated a little on my diet (b/c I was starving!), but I didn't cheat with sweets. Right now, that's the important thing--to cut out sweets cold turkey as if I were quitting cigarettes. I told Bob (hubby) last week that I wish they made patches for dieters, like nicotine patches. I need a doughnut patch and a chocolate patch and an ice cream patch.

Spidey Wallpaper


Written on Friday, July 02, 2004 by Jessica

Downloaded some really cool Spider-Man wallpaper here. I picked the scene where Spidey has swooped in to rescue Mary Jane.