Are kids worth it?


Written on Thursday, June 09, 2005 by Jessica

Here's a personal-finance article with some enjoyable moments. My favorite part:

OK, so you can't boil down procreation to dollars and cents. There is also the humiliation... [T]here's the time [my son] pointed to the lady in front of us in the checkout line and asked (for all to hear), "Why is she so fat?" Which is just as bad as the times he talks about his private parts in mixed company. (So far, we have been spared this ignominy with our 2-year-old daughter, who, because she still has trouble pronouncing V's and G's, refers to her private parts as her "china." ...)
Hahahaha. Cracked me up. Also reminds me, with no little consternation, of when I was about five or six and asked my mother why a woman in our church had such a big butt. The woman laughed and then played organ at my wedding years later, so I guess she didn't hold a grudge.

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