Top Ten Best Commericals Ever


Written on Thursday, August 11, 2005 by Jessica

1. Citi's first commercial in the "Identity Theft" series. "First, I emptied the checking account, and then I hit the mall, and there in the window was this sexy little outfit and oh my gosh! I just had to have it! Fifteen hundred dollars for a leather bustier?..."

2. Where's the Beef? (Link is kind of a pain. You'll have to watch a different commerical first. Then "Where's the Beef?" is supposed to load automatically. If it doesn't, you have to click the "Playing" link.)

3. The Isuzu commericals that David Leisure did back in the day.

4. Budweiser frogs.

List still in progress.

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  1. lookingbusy |

    I laugh everytime I hear that wacky music on the Vonage commercials.

  2. Sherri Sanders |

    I just thought of a commercial that you have to add to your list!! (Mines already complete) The Pepsi commercials with the bears that try to buy the pop. I love it when they throw that ID down on the counter.


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