Chest cold


Written on Thursday, March 23, 2006 by Jessica

I caught it. I thought I'd survived the quarantine zone, but yesterday I began showing symptoms. Thank goodness my approved medications list includes cough medicine.

Update: Today is Friday, and people are now teasing me about the medicine chest I have here at my desk -- Robitussin, Sudafed, and Tylenol. Bob drove all the way to Indian River to get me the Sudafed. It wasn't stocked at the gas station on the way home because the active ingredient in Sudafed is used to produce crystal meth. In Michigan, all medications containing that ingredient must now be kept behind a pharmacy counter. You can still buy it without a prescription, but it has to be monitored by a pharmacy. Thanks to my cousin, Michelle, who works the pharmacy counter where Bob went. He nearly bought a less-effective version that is stocked in the aisle, but Michelle spotted him and set him straight! Thanks, Michelle! Thanks, Bob!

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  1. Anonymous |

    jessica? How is your chest cold?

    Hope you and little KB are feeling better.

    I have a sore throat and I am aching all over...hmmmm and i have a long weekend... sucks!

  2. Jessica |

    Apparently, it's going around the whole country! I hope this isn't the weekend you're heading out the Mall of America for a minivacation.

    I stayed home from work on Monday and went to the doctor. A blood test showed an elevated white blood cell count, which apparently meant I was trying to fight off an infection. I've never had a cold develop into something worse before, so I guess I have to credit K.B. and my weakened immune system. :) In any case, I'm taking antibiotics now and should be better within the week.

  3. Anonymous |

    Good to hear you are feeling well at least a little. I tried keeping away from my Sick-o coworkers, but I was not successful :(

    My trip is next week. I have friday off! Yeah. Its Cesar Chavez Day and since the University is located near East Los Angeles/Monterey Park Area, its celebrated because of the community its in.

    So I get to run around and get all my stuff ready! I have to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and pay my car Registration fee. Then I have to go to the Social Security Office and get a new Social Security Card...YEAH!!

    Spending my day off in goverment offices ROCKS!! :(

    Oh by the way Jessica, you can totally milk this chest cold. When KB is a little bit older and getting know where I am going with this, right...?

    1. I was in labor for 5 days when you were born! I suffered so much because of you, mommie loves you!

    2. I developed pneumonia when I was pregnant with you (exaggerate a little), but I did everything in my power to make sure you were not affected...mommie loves you.

    Etc, etc..tee hee.

    Have a great day and again, i am glad you are feeling better.


  4. Jessica |

    Lol! Five days of labor, pneumonia, love it!

    Did you lose your social security card? My parents lost mine when I was kid. I've managed to survive my life without ever having one. Obviously, I have a number, just no card.

  5. Anonymous |

    Yeah, I can't find it and its free to replace it. The social Security Administration is like 5 minutes from where I might as well...

    I also want to get my passport and I don't know if I have to show my SS card. So I want to have all my documents in order.

    I was watching the Spanish News this evening and in Downtown Los Angeles, the Police arrested a group of people who were selling forged documents. They had this huge operation going on. From forged driver licenses to ss cards.

    I thought about my poor sister. Someone in Kentucky at this moment is using her identity to work. Apparently, this person does not believe in paying taxes, because for the past two years the IRS has been contacting my sister about the extra tax she owes. The IRS won't investigate...they go by what is earned under that SS #!! Can you believe it?

    Now, my sister for the 2nd year in a row has to file a police report and get documentation that she was not working in Kentucky.

    oopss this post got long...

    have a good weekend.

  6. Jessica |

    I'm pretty sure you do need a social security card to get a passport. Except for a couple of visits to Canada, I've never left the country. And since you don't need a passport to go to Canada, I've simply never need my social security card.

    That's too bad about your sister!


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