Horrific dream


Written on Friday, March 03, 2006 by Jessica

I had a horrific dream last night. Two friends and I were being pursued by two predators. (Do you remember the movie Predator? The predator was an alien creature who hunted humans and kept trophies from each. Early in the movie, the predator kills a guy and pulls out his spinal column as a souvenir. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the hero who eventually kills it.)

In my dream, there were no Schwarzeneggeresqe heroes. We were all killed, and as I lay there dying from a mortal chest wound but not yet dead, the predator pulled out the baby to keep as a trophy. The worst part is that the baby was still alive, too.

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  1. Anonymous |

    That's a horrible dream Jessica!!
    Its not even a dream, I would consider that a full blown total nightmare!

    That being said, I am sure you are not going to like this, but... Predator is my top favorite movie. I am a fan of the Predator not Arnold..

    I also collect, Predator comic books...

    Confront your fears by watching the movie if you have it...once you see it, I think the nightmare won't bother you as much.

    I hope little KB did not get too agitated with your dream.

    Hope the rest of the day goes well.


  2. Jessica |

    I won't hold it against you that you love Predator. :)

    Actually, I don't watch scary movies anymore. I used to, which caused all sorts of problems. Not so much in the way of nightmares. More in the way of ridiculous unreasonable fears while I was awake. I don't think I'm going to watch it again. It'll just refresh all the scary things that happened in my memory. :)

  3. Valerie |


    What a horrible dream!

    I hope everything else is going well.

  4. Jessica |

    For me, the most disturbing part of the dream is the fact that I dreamt it. I mean, who has dreams like that??

  5. Anonymous |

    I DO!! LOL

    I had a dream last night where I was looking at the sun and it had the shape of snoopy..but I knew it was the sun..suddenly it exploded! The snoopy shaped sun had exploded...and I was sooo afraid...

    Must have been the tortilla soup I had last night...lol

  6. Jessica |

    Good lord. Armageddeon. At least my dream was only the end of me, not the end of the world.


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