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Written on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 by Jessica

Bob and I bought a new house. I haven't even bothered to update anybody, I guess b/c I'm just too engrossed in Kidney Bean's blog. I might've mentioned on it on K.B.'s blog simply b/c K.B. is the reason we're buying a new house.

We closed on the house a couple of weeks ago. Today we learned that it didn't pass the insurance company's inspection. Our homeowners' insurance coverage will lapse in thirty days. It'll take a couple of weeks to get the reinspection done, which means we have two weeks to fix the problems. Bob has to tear down a decrepit porch, build some handrails, and build new stairs.

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  1. Ellen |

    Congrats and Bummer. Hope you're up on all the HGTV and Trading Spaces tricks of the trade. I'm looking forward to a tour. My husband tells me it's nice!

  2. Jessica |

    Bob, Bryan and their dad have already taken care of most of the issues the inspector had. Tore down the decrepit porch and built brand new stairs in just one afternoon. They're quite handy!

    Uncle Dan says it's nice?? He must be looking past all the remodeling wreckage. :)

  3. Anonymous |

    Congratulations Jessica!! to you and your DH. Congrats on getting most of the repairs done, lol.

    Buying a home and moving are two things that truly make you believe that there is a HELL!! lol

    Its funny that you mentioned that KB was the reason for getting a new house...get this! One of the reasons why we bought our first house was because when we lived in an apartment, the landlady (aka Evil Witch) wanted us to get rid of our babies (2 cats, Batman and Robyn)...So we moved twice in one year...just so that my cats could have a backyard of their own...

    She said nothing to our neighbor who bought a dog and left it tied in the hallway where it would poop and pee all over the place!!

    Congrats again!!


  4. Jessica |

    Oh, that's not right. Clearly, she's a "dog person" and not a "cat person."

  5. Anonymous |

    Oh my goodness Jessica! I wanted to comment on my blog about the comment you posted! LOL. (19 year old stud muffins!). I couldn't. I am way too shy.

    Don't laugh. I have a 20 year old most of the students here are kids to me..and I have the sex drive of a I definitely need a sugar daddy!!

    Guess what? The cleaning ladies are back!! I don't have to clean this weekend! Gosh, life is worth living!!

    Are you getting help after the baby arrives?

  6. Jessica |

    Oh, that's too funny. I embarrassed you on your blog b/c I was too sexually explicit. :) What can I say? I guess I have no shame. :)

  7. Sherri Sanders |

    Yikes!! I have to admit, when I looked at that porch, it scared me. LOL

    Oh, that's right, didn't I say it looked like a death trap??

  8. Jessica |

    You probably did! I think I replied that we were tearing it down anyway. I guess I didn't know how soon!


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