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Written on Tuesday, January 01, 2008 by Jessica

I was fussing with my new camera when I heard a slurping noise followed by, "Ahhhhh." Seth was drinking something. I didn't give him anything to drink. Upon investigation, I found that he'd managed to remove the cap from the Children's Motrin. (I don't pretend to think he's a child genius who can thwart child-proof caps. I think his parents are unfit and failed to tighten it properly. We also left it out on the counter where he could easily reach it by dragging a chair and climbing up.) Anyhow, he poured himself a shot using the measuring cup that comes with it and drank probably five times the recommended dose for a child his size.

As I was online, frantically looking up ibuprofen overdose to see if he was about to get his stomach pumped, Seth dragged another chair over to the coffee maker and poured a half-full pot of coffee everywhere.

The good news in all this? The coffee was cold and the amount of medicine he ingested required "at-home observation." Everything is fine. No trip to the hospital for stomach pumping required.

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  1. Unknown |

    Sounds like such a fun way to spend New Year's Day. . . Not!

  2. Christina |

    Wow he is really getting around!

  3. Joanne |

    OMG! And I thought James was being naughty for ripping the dish towels off the stove handle and standing on the couch. You REALLY have a Curious George on your hands. James moves chairs but hasn't learned to stand on them yet. Not looking forward to those days.

  4. Sherri Sanders |

    Welcome to Motherhood! :)

    Let me just mention, one day you will look back at all this with a smile on your face.

    When Zach was about Seths age, I left him in the kitchen for about 5 minutes unsupervised. I returned to find butter on the ceiling, macaroni on the floor, and half the contents of the fridge smashed into the linoleum.

    I still smile when I think about how I found the hershey syrup hand prints in the cupboard 2 days after the episode.

  5. Danielle/Brooke |

    OMG How scary! I friend of mine little boy grabbed the vitamin bottle his dad left out and hid in the bathroom and ate like 30 of them! Poison control said as long as it wasn't more than 30 he should be fine he just couldn't have any vitamins for 30 days. Thanksfully Tommy hates anything medicine related. However, when I saw the Comet can heading to his mouth one day I freaked.


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