The big 5-0


Written on Wednesday, December 24, 2008 by Jessica

I've officially dropped 50 pounds. In the last four months, I've gone from a BMI of 41 to a BMI of 33. I've lost over 20% of my original body weight.

In related news, I've determined that I was using my scale on an uneven surface, which resulted in a reading that was roughly four pounds light. I've adjusted my plan accordingly. Instead of having 96 pounds to lose as of last August, it was really 100 pounds (blush). I'm now half way to my goal.

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  1. Christina |

    That is awesome. Brava girl!

  2. Christina |

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  3. Teriana |

    Woo hoo!

  4. Myron Davis |


  5. brynn |

    Congratulations, Jessica! What an awesome accomplishment :)

  6. Unknown |

    Jessica this is just awesome! I'm so glad you're doing so well with this. :) Has to make you feel good!


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