Written on Monday, October 17, 2005 by Jessica

Gained weight last week instead of losing it. I hate diets.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Hi Jessica!!

    Read about the diet, sorry!!

    I know it sucks to gain weight!

    are you doing your own diet or are you following a diet plan?

    I have been low carbing for a while. I lost 38 lbs. I gained 10 over the holidays (tee hee), kept those 10 for a while, but I am in the process of losing them again. I already lost 5.

    I have been "low carbing" since 2002. Long Story.


  2. Jessica |

    I saw the mention of on your blog. I'll have to check it out. My diet isn't low carb, but it's inspired by low-carb diets. Instead of cutting out carbs, I switched to whole grains. I completely cut out processed sugars and flours.

    I started in July 2004 and lost 37 pounds by November, but then gained back 25 through the following September because I quit the diet for the holidays and didn't manage to start up.

    My problem this week was a Halloween party that I'd been looking forward to for weeks because I was planning to eat tons of junk food. And I did just that. I'd pretty much planned on not losing any, but I didn't expect to gain 2.5 pounds. Oh, well.

  3. Anonymous |

    Well, want to hear something funny?

    I don't have any problems with sweets. I can take them or leave them...Yes, envy me!! LOL

    The only issue I have is with salty foods..esp. chips..corn chips! My evil boyfriend was eating a bag of corn chips right in front of me! (yes, he is going to go to hell for that!).

    I wanted them soo badly!! When he finished...I went over to where he was watching a football game looked at him and said, "hey baby".. I made like I was going to kiss him and I sucked all the salt from his lips!! I know total yuck..but at least I got a taste of what I

    Good luck with the diet!

    If you have a chance check out the cafe...its a great bunch of people!

  4. Jessica |

    Ewwww, kissing. Yuck! I've been married too long for that stuff. :)


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