Written on Friday, October 21, 2005 by Jessica

I feel so sick. It's all my doing, too. I'm prediabetic (or something like that) and take meds for it. These meds can make you sick, especially if you eat bad foods, like (a totally made-up example, not grounded in reality in any way) ice cream for breakfast or cookies for dinner. How can I be so out of control?

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  1. Sherri Sanders |

    hmmmm.... well, there is a bright side. If your sick, you may not want to eat cookies for dinner and ice cream for breakfast.

  2. Jessica |

    Yeah, you would think so...

  3. Anonymous |

    I hope you are feeling better Jessica!

    When I feel sick, I just make some tea, pop a movie into the DVD player and have my wonderful boyfriend give me a foot massage!

    I am kidding about the foot massage!! My boyfriend is like Al Bundy..he wouldn't rub my feet even if a Genie pop out of them! ahahahah..


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