Non parishable goods


Written on Thursday, November 17, 2005 by Jessica

I was horrified this morning to see a television ad for a local organization requesting donations of "non parishable goods." Someone please hit me on the head with a two-by-four to put me out of misery.

With respect to spelling and grammar, I try not to be too judgemental when I read e-mail, blogs, chat, etc. But if you're going to plaster your words someplace for all the world to see (e.g., sign, restaurant menu, newspaper ad, etc.) and you want to maintain some sense of credibility, for the love of god, please run a spell check.

The worst part is that even if the ad's creator had run a spell check, we still would have ended up with "non perishable goods." This drives me crazy. "Non" is not a word. It's a prefix. It has to be attached to a word to give it meaning. I'd even settle for "non-perishable," even though the hyphen shouldn't be there.

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  1. Lynne |

    I am terrible about spelling. I seldom notice it in another's writing. I would make a horrible editor.

    In fact, just today, someone pointed out to me that a program I have run a thousand times echos "coping files" and I never missed that missing y before that.

  2. Sherri Sanders |

    You should work where I work. It would drive you insane! :D

  3. Jessica |

    Yup, "coping files." That would drive me nuts. :)

    Sherri, I'm pretty sure that I'd never want to work where you do. :)


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