The ultrasound


Written on Wednesday, November 30, 2005 by Jessica

As I lay on the bed, I asked the ultrasound tech if anyone had ever wet herself. She said no, which only increased my dread of being the first.

I never knew that getting an ultrasound involved such torture. I had to drink a quart of water an hour before arriving, and they wouldn't let me pee! I apparently have a half-quart-sized bladder or smaller.

"I promise you," said the ultrasound tech, "there's a reason why we need you to have a full bladder. We don't make you drink all that water for the heck of it."

But she didn't go on to explain the reason, so I became suspicious. Looking back, however, I'm sure they have an excellent reason: free entertainment for the staff. I'm sure they take bets when you arrive regarding whether you'll be the first woman ever to wet herself. They probably rate everyone's song and dance routine, too. I danced all over the place, because I certainly could sit or bend my body anywhere near my bladder. I better have scored at least an 8.

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  1. Mommouk |

    The reason they have you drink so much is so your bladder is full and easier to 'look through'. If you really want to know uncomfortable - in the old days they cathaterized you, put (what appeared to be) a one-gallon bag of fluid on the other end of the tube and then lifted it up to the ceiling and hung it there. A reverse pee. You want to talk uncomfortable - try that one on for size! Makes all other experiences of having to go pee really bad pale in comparison. Now, when do we get to see the pictures?

  2. Anonymous |

    Jessica, sorry to hear about your "water" torture!! Couldn't help it, sorry!! LOL

    You are going to find this interesting, but I have been thinking about having children a lot lately! NO kidding...maybe its because I am having my tubes tied in January...I don't know...maybe its something you think about before making the decision not to have children permanent..

    Congrats again...children are beautiful and don't be scared, I had to raise my brother and the only time I got scared was when he started driving...! (((hugs)))



  3. Jessica |

    Momouk, I left the ultrasound pix at my aunt's house in Kalamazoo (roughly 250 miles away, for those who aren't familiar with Michigan). I have another appointment this Wednesday and plan to post the new pix asap.

    Zoe, I think you're right. If you're going to make it permanent, it's inevitable that you're going to wonder about the decision. It's good that you're giving it some thought.

  4. Read This |

    Ultra sounds are awesome. The first glimpse at the gift of life God has blessed you with. Does life get any better? Congrats.

  5. Jessica |

    Thanks, casually me. Unfortunately, this uncomfortable experience was a very early ultrasound, so there wasn't much to see. In fact, the ultrasound tech wasn't even allowed to identify anything for us. (As it turned out, even the doctor couldn't see an actual fetus at that time.) Fortunately, since then I've had two more ultrasounds that were much more gratifying and exciting (and comfortable). I even have a picture posted!


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