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Written on Monday, December 12, 2005 by Jessica

I read the BBC's news website from time to time and I'm always amused by differences in terminology between American English and Standard [British] English. I recently stumbled across an article about the flu-jab nonshortage, and I must say that I infinintly prefer "flu jab" to "flu shot."

Last week I read an article about how "dummies reduce cot-death risk." American translation? "Pacifiers reduce SIDS risk" or "pacifiers reduce crib-death risk."

And today, I found a reference to sticky plasters. I can only assume this refers to the casts used to help heal broken bones. In the same article, I discovered the word "paracetamol," which is the British word for acetaminophen.

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  1. Anonymous |

    oops, I posted my comment about this post on the other as you can see, I am confused!!

    By the way, forgot to tell you, I really really really like my new job.


  2. Jessica |

    Zoe, that's great about your new job. You need to start a new blog so we can hear about it. :)


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