Personal sexism


Written on Monday, December 19, 2005 by Jessica

Sigh. I hold sexist views that I can't seem to shake.

I spotted this article, which had the following headline: "Dr. Germ, Mrs. Anthrax released by U.S. Army." It refers to some high-profile officials in the Iraqi government before Saddam's fall.

I thought to myself, Oh, sure. The guy gets to be Dr. Germ, but she's Mrs. Anthrax.

It was a completely irrational thought because, as a doctor, his nickname is obviously going to be prefixed by "Dr.," not "Mr." Why would I have a problem with that? After all, if she were a doctor, she'd be Dr. Anthrax, not Mrs. Anthrax, right?

So here's the terrible truth: They're both women. Dr. Germ is a woman, but I assumed she was a man. What's wrong with me?

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  1. LBseahag |

    Great point...this one goes well with how bad I hate that cleaning product commercials are still all women...

  2. Lynne |

    Nothing is wrong with you. Even I do that from time to time. Everyone does. It is just a reflection of how much of our main stream culture you have internalized. At least you realize it...a lot of people go through life and dont have a clue that any of their thoughts are sexist or racist or anything bad.


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