Dress code


Written on Wednesday, January 18, 2006 by Jessica

The new employee handbook says we are not to expose any part of our anatomy that is not necessary for work. Damn. No more cleavage.

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  1. Sherri Sanders |

    What do you mean?? Cleavage is totally necessary! How do you expect to get a raise?

    So, does this mean you should wear a wrap around your face that only exposes
    your eyes? LOL

  2. Jessica |

    Effective immediately: all employees must wear niqabs or burqas.

  3. Sherri Sanders |

    LOL! That was good!

  4. Anonymous |

    It is ridiculous to think that you can get a raise by using your sex appeal...cleavage my butt!!

    The former managers from where I used to work...The Radisson Hotel.. used a tool that never fails to get you noticed, esp if you want a raise...let's learn from the men gals...Let's all say it at the same time now...KNEE PADS!!

    thank you, thank you...


  5. Jessica |

    Actually, none of this applies to me b/c my boss is a woman!


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