What I love about Seth


Written on Sunday, July 09, 2006 by Jessica

Sappy post. I'll try to keep these to a minimum. :)

1. All his hair.
2. His cry. I think it's so cute. I hate to admit it, sometimes I let him cry just a little so I can hear it. (Wait'll he gets some lungs behind his cry. I'm sure I'll change my tune.)
3. His faces. He had about a thousand different faces. They crack me up.
4. He's so little. I'd always planned on an eight-pound baby, so I was surprised when he came in under seven.
5. He yawns and stretches all the time. Three or four times in a row. Love it.
6. How cute he makes his daddy look. What is it about your husband holding a baby that makes him look so adorable?
7. The way he sleeps with his hands up by his ears.
8. His cute little cowlick. It makes his hair stick up all over. I'm sure it'll drive me crazy when I try to tame it when he gets older, but for now I love it.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Just wait till you start feeding them solid foods. they faces they make then are even cuter if you can imagine. I just started Tommy on solids and it is quite funny!!


  2. Anonymous |

    I love your sappy comments, keep them coming!! Precious are the memories of a new mother and the discovery of all the little things that babies do. God gift keeps on giving!!


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