Written on Thursday, September 27, 2007 by Jessica

A news anchor at one of the local news stations has a last name that rhymes with diarrhea. Unfortunate, don't you think? I guess we can all imagine what the mean kids called her at recess.

When I was in elementary school, I had two nicknames. One was Jessica McCarrots. My last name was Makarewicz (muh-CARE-wits), and I guess some kids thought it sounded a little like carrots. That one didn't bother me much. The other one was Uncle Jesse. In retrospect, it wasn't such a terrible nickname, but at the time, I didn't much care for being likened to the old man in The Dukes of Hazzard. (This was a pre-Full House era, so no, they weren't referring to John Stamos.)

I certainly gave this subject some though when we were naming Seth. I realize that kids are endlessly creative, so no matter what we chose, it would be something that would eventually be used against him at recess. I just didn't want make it embarrassingly easy for the perpetrators. My biggest concern right now is that Seth will have a lisp and will have trouble saying his own name.

What mean names did the kids call you in school? Have you thought of what mean names the other kids might call your kids?

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  1. Unknown |

    Oh my maiden name was Lester so people always asked if I had a brother named Mo or a sister named Polly, not so bad.

    Unfortunately of course my son got teased with his name, Gage - being Gay or whatnot so by highschool he was going by Khris.

  2. Joanne |

    " no matter what we chose, it would be something that would eventually be used against him at recess" I totally agree with that.

    We tried the same with James though, to veto obvious pick on names. As for me...I had no bad nicknames in school but I had an uncle who called me Joannie-ono and I never liked that and for some reason my grandfather used to call me Josephine and her flying machine. That was some famous song back when or something. Not too crazy either.

    Did you ever check out the "drawbacks" section when you go to Sometimes they are funny. I just checked and Seth has none.

  3. Danielle/Brooke |

    My maiden name was Boda so Buda was an obvious one to everyone growing up.

  4. Jessica |

    Buddha! (Yes, I had to look it up for spelling. I'm anal like that.) I never thought of that one.

    Holy cow! You should see all the drawbacks for Jessica. I've never been to Nice site.

  5. Jessica |

    Lisa, I remember an episode of Major Dad (remember that show) where it came to light that the mom, Polly, had the middle name Esther.

  6. Anonymous |

    polly esther...I get it! too funny!

    I legally changed my name many years ago...thinking that it would make me feel better as a person and guess what? It hasn't. I went from one weird first name to Zoe and of course, everyone forgets to pronounce the "e" at the end. Its funny. I have found that there are a lot of dogs named "Zoe". Thats another reason why I also dropped my middle name "Bessie", Who wants to be named after a cow?

    and like it was mentioned, no matter what your name is, kids will make fun of it. If its not your name, it will be your physical appearance... :(

    Its true, kids can be cruel

  7. Joanne |

    Ha ha. My favorite drawback was "Juggsica". That's pretty farfetched!

  8. Teriana |

    My nickname at an old job was Teriyaki. There was one guy there who had an odd thought process that allowed him to come up w/ the strangest nicknames for everyone. A guy named Paul he nicknamed Paullywog.

  9. Jessica |

    Bessie? I can see why you might want to ditch it.

    I got a kick out of Juggsica, too. I never went to school with anyone that creative.

    Teriyaki. For some reason, that reminds me of another nickname I had. I think I'll have to update the post to tell the whole story.


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