Getting duped


Written on Monday, March 31, 2008 by Jessica

My sister wrote a little about free trials, so I'm adding my two cents. I hate it when you can sign up for a free trial online, but you have to call them to cancel it. Once time I signed both Bob and me up for a credit watch service. The whole point was to get free credit reports for the both of us. (This was back before the Congress enacted a law entitling everyone to a free credit report annually.)

Anyhow, I signed each of us up for the trial and naturally forgot to cancel. Then I discovered I'd have to call to cancel. I hate that! To make matters worse, they wouldn't let me cancel Bob's account. They had to speak to him personally. Hey, I signed him up. He didn't even know about the account, but he had to be the one to cancel. I didn't complain about it b/c I figured I must have agreed to terms of service stating that I was the person the account was being opened for. (Of course, nowadays I can just use my manly voice to impersonate him.)

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  1. Unknown |

    Can you use your manly voice to help me get better customer service? You know they always listen and cooperate with men more. :)

  2. Alex |

    yes, it was all for real/ I was almost fired.


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