Happy birthday, sis!


Written on Sunday, March 02, 2008 by Jessica

Happy birthday, sis!

It's been twenty-three loooooong years, but I still remember so many details from the day you were born. Most are kinda gruesome, though. Childbirth just ain't pretty. :)

I was so happy you were a girl! Naturally, Samuel wanted a brother, but I won and got a sister.

Here's something I'm not sure you know. Mom and Dad had narrowed down the names, two for each sex. They told Samuel he could pick the name if it was a girl, whereas I could pick the name if it was a boy. (I guess it was like a consolation prize. "Sorry, do you didn't get the baby brother you wanted, but here, give your new sister a name!") The two girl names? Teriana and Corina. At the time, I liked Corina, so that's what I would've picked if it were up to me.

Looking back, I think Mom fully intended to name you Teriana no matter what. She already knew that Samuel wanted Teriana because I had first stated my own preference for Corina. (He always picked the opposite of whatever I picked. I liked Coke so he liked Pepsi. I liked Little Caear's pizza so he liked Pizza Hut.) Anyhow, because Mom knew he would pick Teriana, she told him he could be the one to pick your name if you were a girl. Clever, huh?

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  1. Teriana |

    Why thank you. Another 10 years and I'll be old. Course then you'll be 43 and I'll have another 10 years to go.

  2. Unknown |

    Hey Teriana, you're old now. :) Happy birthday!! Seems I'm always a day late.

    Like the story, I wonder what Jessica would have stuck you with if you had been a boy. . .

  3. Jessica |

    The only boy option my mom could remember was Darrell. That's her favorite boy name, and my dad hated it. They don't agree much on names. I'm glad Bob and I came to a quick agreement on the name we picked.

  4. Anonymous |

    Happy BDAY to you T!

    I remember when I was your age. So young, so innocent...I miss last week!! lol

    Hope you had a great time for your bday. I haven't had time to read your blog cause I have been working too hard...

    I hope you received all the stuff you wanted!!

    Darrell is my boss' name. He used to play for the Angels about a gallion years ago. I don't really like that name either.

    I Teriana. Its different.


  5. Sherri Sanders |

    Awww.... Happy birthday! You know, the first time I met Teriana she was 2 years old and followed Jessica around like a shadow.

  6. Blogger |

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