Written on Monday, April 28, 2008 by Jessica

Queue the violins. I just found out that our accountant didn't direct deposit our tax refund. That explains why the money hasn't shown up yet. What's really annoying about the whole thing is that this will delay our stimulus payment. We would've been scheduled to receive a direct deposit by May 16th. Now we're scheduled to have it mailed by July 4th, which is a holiday, so no checks will actually be mailed that day. Oh, poor me. Life is so hard. Wah. I'm sure that Rwandan refugees and Russian orphans really feel sorry for me.

Not only am I going to specify direct deposit next year, I'm also going to ask to be the first person on the freaking return. My SSN digits are more favorable than Bob's. In terms of social security numbers, I'm comparable to the kids in the class whose surnames start with C; he's comparable to kids with W surnames.

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  1. Valerie |

    That stinks! I will have to get my 2007 tax return and do the calculator to see if we are due for a "stimulus" on May 9th.

  2. Anonymous |

    I get mine the first week of May, tee hee.

    woo hoo

    I am going to buy that house in Beverly Hills...then, with the rest, I am going to buy an elephant!, just because.


  3. Jessica |

    I think you should name the elephant Bubbles.

  4. Unknown |

    Yeah, ours will get to be mailed I guess since we didn't get a return but had to pay instead. And hubby's social puts us in the last group to be mailed. :(

  5. Sherri Sanders |

    Well, that sucks!

    I did my own taxes this year, I think I did a pretty good job. We used to have an accountant do them but he wanted way too much money.

  6. Christina |

    i am in the y category but i do have direct deposit....sadly the money has already been spent...

  7. Teriana |

    You have an accountant?!!


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