Thirsty boy


Written on Wednesday, April 30, 2008 by Jessica

Seth is on a chair at the sink playing with water and a few dishes. A moment ago I heard him say, "Drink. Ahhhh." I hadn't given him anything to drink. You may recall the last time that happened.

Fortunately, this time he hadn't been slurping down children's medicine. No, this time he was drinking from a beer bottle.

Just to be clear (no need to call Child Protective Services), he had put water into an empty beer bottle. I think you can see Daddy's stash of remaining empties on the counter.

UPDATE: The Dilbert site allows readers to rewrite the comic strips to make them funnier. I should do the same for my blog. Here's Sherri's take:

Is there an age limit on AA meetings? Imagine my surprise as I peered over to find my two year old swigging down what appeared to be a bottle of beer! Damn that Baby's Daddy for leaving these old bottles lying out on the counter like that... Rest assured, however, that Seth was smart enough to fake Mommy out by filling the bottle with water. I think he's quite the genius, wouldn't you say??
She's funny, no? :)

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  1. Unknown |

    Uh-oh. :( Silly boy!

  2. Christina |

    nothing like a cold glass of water

  3. Anonymous |

    Where the heck did I put that 800-number for Child protective services?


  4. Teriana |

    He's fitting right in.


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