South Park: great entertainment for kids


Written on Thursday, January 19, 2006 by Jessica

I wrote to CNN Headline News today:

I was dismayed when I heard Isaac Hayes described as the voice of Chef on "kids' show" South Park. South Park is not a kids' show! It's a raunchy, profane, satirical cartoon for adults that fully deserves its TV-MA rating.
Kids' show??

In other news, I refrained from sending an e-mail to eSmartTax to tell them they misspelled "preparation" in the subject line of their latest e-mail to me.

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  1. Chief Scientist |

    You write for a living but can't use "two" and "too" correctly? I am a physics guru and even I got it right.

    "A decidedly unphotogenic technical writer, I believe one can never own too many copies of Pride and Prejudice."

  2. Jessica |

    I think your eyes may have deceived you. My profile has always read, " can never own too many copies...."

    It does not currently read, nor has it ever read, " can never own two many copies...."

  3. LBseahag |

    If I would've had southpark to watch as a kid, my life today would not be so jacked up....

  4. Sherri Sanders |

    did you know they have put south park on during prime time? Kids everywhere are watching it now.

    Oh, btw, good burn!!

  5. Anonymous |

    Lasik surgery is not as expensive as it used to be...


  6. Jessica |

    Sherri, to be honest, I wasn't trying to burn moderator, even though he seemed to be trying to burn me. Zoe's comment, though, is classic.


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