Written on Monday, August 21, 2006 by Jessica

Here's Seth in his ducky bathrobe from Great Aunt Eileen.

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  1. Shana |

    Very, very cute.

  2. Danielle/Brooke |

    How adorable!! I got to see some video of him when Dad and Ellen were down here. He is just too cute.

  3. Jessica |

    It's like I keep saying, the kid is cuter than puppies and kittens. (But then again, I'm sooooo biased.)

    Danielle, I didn't even know anyone took any video of him at the potluck. I don't think he was particularly animated that day. I think he just slept in his car seat the whole time. :)

  4. Danielle/Brooke |

    Even sleeping baby are adorable. I think there was a few shot of him awake with one of the aunts holding him.

  5. Valerie |

    that is just too cute for words!


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