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Written on Wednesday, August 08, 2007 by Jessica

I'm signed up to receive breaking news e-mail announcements from CNN. This morning at 12:05, I received word that Barry Bonds had broken the all-time home-run record.

This wouldn't have bothered me except for the fact that I did not receive breaking news announcements after the recent Minneapolis bridge collapse and Utah mine cave-in. CNN's priorities are out of order.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Amazing!! So are you telling me that if the USA were being bombed with nuclear missiles, CNN would probably just report that Britney Spears boobs spilled out of her blouse while fleeing the bombing?

    Oh well, they did an all day coverage of Paris going to Jail, didn't they? America is really going going way south in priorities.


  2. Jessica |

    Well, yes, that was what I was essentially trying to say, but you said it much better. :)

  3. lisa's chaos |

    Most definitely out of place. That whole bridge thing is so scary. We've driven over that bridge many times as we go to the cities several times a year.

    In fact, my husband has to be there next Monday and after the reports we've heard we're nervous about any MN bridge.


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