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Written on Saturday, August 25, 2007 by Jessica

Years ago, I had a book of questions (in fact, I think that was its name, The Book of Questions) and one of the questions it asked was, "If you could take a pill that would allow you to sleep for only one hour each night and wake up refreshed, would you?"

Hell yeah! Never in my life have I wished I didn't have to waste so much time sleeping. (Yeah, yeah. I know. It's not wasted time. My body is recuperating and reenergizing. Whatever.)

Now that I think about it, the question might have even included, "Assume there are no side effects." Even if there were side effects, I think I'd take the pill. Actually, I suppose it depends on the side effect. Some medications actually list death as a possible side effect. Now there's a deterrent. On the other hand, maybe the side effect is "merely" embarrassing (e.g., anal leakage) or irritating (mildly itchy rash).

So would you take such a pill?

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  1. Teriana |

    I think I would. As long as I could still have all my crazy dreams about alien mosquitoes and babies being born in pizza boxes.

  2. Anonymous |

    Well, I would take it only if I had huge projects to complete.

    Other than that, I enjoy my 6-7 hours of sleep each night.


    (I wish I had one now, I have loads and loads of laundry to do).


  3. Valerie & Kiera |

    No way! I love sleep!

  4. Sherri |

    I love to sleep too. No pill for me.

  5. Jessica |

    I love sleep, too! I just don't have time for it anymore.


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