Third haircut


Written on Wednesday, August 08, 2007 by Jessica

It's his third haircut in six months!

Here we are this morning with a mop:

Here is after the cut:

This is after the cut AND after the bath to wash out the loose hair. It's not nearly as short as I expected it to be. Maybe next time we'll cut it even shorter.
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  1. Joanne |

    A haircut makes such a difference. He DOES look more grown up like you were saying. Jamie is in dire need of one too.

    The Thursday 13's are fun. Every week you come up with your own list of 13 things. It can be about anything. So speaking of P&P, are you looking forward to the new movie coming out, Becoming Jane?

  2. Jessica |

    Yes, I am eagerly awaiting Becoming Jane, despite the liberties they're taking with her life. I wrote about it here.

  3. Christina |

    He has a funky do now. Still a cutie

  4. Joanne |

    Duh! I read that post. Sorry for my mental block. There is something about Anne Hathaway that I don't like. I am not sure what it is... I hope the movie is good! One more day.

  5. Jessica |

    So each week you come up with your own topics? That's pretty creative of you. If I ever did Thursday Thirteens, I'd have to steal other people's ideas!

  6. Frank |

    I have clippers if you want him to have a shorter haircut ; ) Buzz, buzz.

  7. Jessica |

    Frank, if we ever send him to military school, I'll be sure to call you first for a haircut.

  8. Joanne |

    Yes-you pick your own topic. Sometimes it takes me awhile to come up with one. Just a list of 13 anythings...

  9. Valerie |

    Awww...I thought he looked adorable pre-haircut, but the after photos are even better!!!!


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