How you met your significant other


Written on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 by Jessica

We have a tie:

25% Through a mutual friend, but we weren't fixed up.
25% We were friends first. It developed into something more.
17% Online - other (chat room, blog, forum, etc.)
8% At a bar/club
8% Online - dating/match service
8% Blind date. We were fixed up!
8% Other.
0% Single, thank god.

Click here for a chart.

I'm surprised to learn that I have no single readers. None who participated in this poll, that is.

I originally wondered about the "Other" response, but then I remembered how my sister met her boyfriend. She was a young, innocent little thing working at a gun shop, when a really old customer came in and asked her out. :) None of the available responses matched such a scenario. Who knows how many other scenarios I overlooked.

Baby's Daddy and I were fixed up on a blind date, although technically we'd met once before. I just didn't remember him. :) Hmmmm, you'd think that would've been a sign that it wouldn't work out, but whattaya know. We're happily married now, and for eleven years at that!

How about you? What's your story? (Lisa, feel free to link us to your blog entry, since I know you've recently covered the subject.)

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  1. Anonymous |

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  2. Anonymous |

    Monkeyman and I met at work. I had just started working at a Radisson Hotel and I met him there. We worked in the same dept. He was married at the time and after a year of being there, he left for greener pastures. After about a year, he contacted me because he wanted some information about his pension. I sent it to him. We kept in touch. He would call me once in a blue moon to catch up on things. Later, I found out that he was getting a divorce...At that point,I was dating someone else and I was not very happy. I dumped the guy and then, Monkeyman starting hanging out at my house. He was lonely I guess. He went from being married and having a big family (the wife's) to being alone overnight. In the beginning, we stayed friends because I did not want to get involved with anybody since I had just broken up with the boyfriend and he was getting over his divorce.

    it went from there...

  3. Christina |

    the BF and I met on Craigs list...I know it is weird! But he had a unique posting and we've been together since our first email!

  4. Joanne |

    We went to high school together. I wasn't sure if I should choose other or friends I chose the second because we were friendly.


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