Written on Tuesday, October 09, 2007 by Jessica

These are some photos from August. As we rarely feed the child, he has developed remarkable survival skills. Here is a yogurt container he fished from the trash. Yum. I resisted the urge to overreact (it was a container I'd thrown away a couple of hours earlier) and took some photos instead.

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  1. lisa's chaos |

    Oh sure, he looks like you're starving him. :) I guess he is really good at getting himself fed if he looks that healthy and you aren't feeding him. :)

  2. Anonymous |

    Ummm. Jessica..what is the number to the Social Services Dept in your area? Just for my information, you know?

    That boy looks emaciated!!

    Funny story time!!

    I was eating some saltine crackers one time...I try to stop eating as soon as I am full..anyway, I threw away a packet of crackers...in the kitchen trash basket...I went back a minute later to retrieve my crackers because I was still hungry...lol..this was about 2 months ago.


  3. Joanne (That Blue Girl) |

    Isn't it funny the self control you gain as a mother? There are things James has done where if it were Jake I would have flipped out-but because it was James and he was just being curious, it was ok.

  4. Teriana |

    He must have learned to survive off the plaque from his teeth. So why did you throw away a perfectly good container of yogurt?

  5. Jessica |

    The container was empty! I find it amazing he managed to get as messy as he did from the tiny little bit that was left.

  6. Jessica |

    And I thought only George Costanza ate stuff out of the trash!


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