Question of the day: How would you feel about dating a virgin?


Written on Monday, October 15, 2007 by Jessica

Let's say you've gone on two or three dates with someone and you like him/her. Then s/he tells you s/he's still a virgin. How would you feel about that?

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  1. Anonymous |

    That would never happen!! Virgins (male or female) are like bigfoot, you think you have seen it, but only on blurry footage or out of the corner of your eye during hikes deep in the Amazon Forest or where "Survivorman" is from, Canada!

    Seriously though, I would not mind. I would totally respect their stand and their beliefs. I have a very good friend who is waiting for marriage to lose his virginity. He is a great guy and the girl who gets him is going to be very lucky!!


  2. lisa's chaos |

    In my younger days it would not have mattered at all. Now that I'm 40 I would tell them to go on. This is of course provided I hadn't already fallen in love with them. But if I found out early in the relationship I would have them walk. Ok, I'm mean.

  3. Jessica |

    Z., if your friend is hoping to find a virgin soulmate, I can forward his number to someone. :)

    Lisa, assuming you've fallen in love with him, would you be angry that he didn't tell you sooner?


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