Written on Monday, December 10, 2007 by Jessica

A few days ago Seth and I were driving down the road when he spotted a pickup truck.

SETH: Caaaaarrrrr.
ME: Very good. It looks like a car. That's a truck. Can you say truck?
SETH: Yeah! [Implied: Ha! Not the response you were looking for, is it?]
ME: Say truck.
SETH: [Silence]

Now, I know the kid can say "truck" because he says it whenever he sees Baby Daddy's truck. He just likes to toy with me.

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  1. Danielle/Brooke |

    Yes they are good at that aren't they.

  2. Anonymous |

    well, I will tell you what Jessica. Don't teach him how to speak, cause later on, these are going to be his favorite phrases:

    "mom, can you spare a $20.00"

    "Hey Dad, let me borrow your truck, you are using it"

    "Mom, Dad, when we go to the Mall, can I pretend you are not with me and can you stay 100 Miles behind me "

    He already knows how to say truck, so watch out!! lol!



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