Better than sex


Written on Monday, August 18, 2008 by Jessica

64% of you would rather give up sex than hot water.
36% would say "bye bye" to hot water forever.

Early on in the polling, an overwhelming number of respondents were not willing to give up hot water. When I told a coworker, he said, "You must not have very many guys who read your blog."

Here's the chart.

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  1. Teriana |

    Well, if you give up hot water you might be giving up sex as well due to lack of frequent bathing.

  2. Jessica |

    Or perhaps you'd lose any desire for sex due to the daily cold showers. It's a vicious catch-22!

  3. Myron Davis |

    hmm... you need more demographics such as age range and gender.

    Who knows there could be a difference.

  4. Anonymous |

    I opted for the hot water!

    I love long hot showers...gosh, I better not tell Lou what I voted for, eventhough he is an extremely loving for a guy! lol.



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