I hate watching what I eat


Written on Monday, August 25, 2008 by Jessica

But I have to. No choice. And I'm in a really pissy mood right now because I feel like binging on, I don't know, about five candy bars or something.

Anyhow, I've set some new weight-loss goals for myself. I need to lose over 90 pounds just to reach a healthy weight. My sister suggested thinking of it as losing ten pounds nine times. So maybe I'll do that. I need to lose ten pounds. I can do that, right?

My reward for losing ten pounds will be to buy a copy of "Juno," my favorite movie from last year.

Now, excuse me while I go fix myself some chocolate milk without chocolate.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Girlfriend, I feel you and when you go on your rampage killing and destroying everything in your way and in your path, I will right there with you, giving you my total support.


  2. Unknown |

    I have found the most success in telling myself just one more week, then at the end saying hey that wasn't so bad, I'll go another week. . .etc

  3. Christina |

    I likethe idea of losing 10 lounds 9 times. Go girl go!

  4. Jessica |

    I'm pleased to report that I survived yesterday afternoon. Take cover this afternoon in case I go postal.

  5. Joanne |

    I LOVE Juno too. I asked for the DVD for my birthday and got it. Good luck with your goals.


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