Rate your marriage


Written on Monday, August 18, 2008 by Jessica

Here's a fun marital rating system from 1939, and it actually appears to be real.

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  1. Myron Davis |

    very interesting, you can see how things have changed (and NOT in some cases).

    I like reading this to see how I can change myself to be better and find my faults.

  2. Anonymous |

    Interesting....I have to test Lou and see how he scores!!


  3. Unknown |

    Pretty funny, I'm surprised that he gets 20 points for making sure wife is, um, satisfied! And I'm surprised he gets points taken away for snoring (not under his control) and for kissing wife after she's put on make-up (isn't she wearing make-up for him?)

  4. Jessica |

    The creator interviewed 600 couples, so the being kissed after applying makeup had to be something that many wives cited as an annoyance. :)

    And actually, many women wear makeup for themselves or for the others that she'll see when she goes out, not for hubby.


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