Found it


Written on Sunday, October 12, 2008 by Jessica

The wedding ring turned up. I'm still too fat to wear it. Sigh. I'm glad I found it, though.

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  1. Christina |

    Whoo hoo, glad that you found it. Where was it?

  2. Myron Davis |

    Maybe the wedding ring shrunk?

  3. Jessica |

    It was in my gym bag, with my special-occasion earrings and necklace. I put them all in there last April when my parents renewed their wedding vows. For trips, I pack that gym bag rather than a suitcase.

    Myron, I'm going to ask my friend Sherri if she secretly slipped my ring into shrinking solution. (Inside joke: Back in high school, Sherri's class ring arrived and it two sizes too big. Her mom told her they'd get it sized, which was no problem -- the jeweler would just put it in some shrinking solution. Sherri, the sweet, trusting dear that she is, fell for it and really thought they'd be using shrinking solution on her class ring.)

  4. Teriana |

    See, it was right where you left it.


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