Twenty down


Written on Wednesday, October 01, 2008 by Jessica

I hit the 20-pound milestone today. I'm happy about that, but not nearly as excited as earlier this week when I discovered that I fit in jeans that are the next size down -- 18W. I wasn't expecting to fit b/c I tried them on a week earlier and was dismayed by how small they still were. I haven't fit into those jeans since before I got pregnant for Seth.

I then grabbed a pair of regular 18s and discovered I could zip them up if I lay down on the bed and sucked it in. :) That doesn't count as fitting, but it was close. So I'm THIS CLOSE to being able to shop in the section for regular sizes versus women's/plus sizes.

My reward for the next ten pounds is going to be an mp3, "Mighty Storm," by the Duhks.

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  1. Christina |

    Way to go, you are on a roll. I am so happy for you!

  2. Joanne |

    That is so awesome! Good for you!!!

  3. Unknown |

    Yippee! COngrats! Way to go!

  4. Myron Davis |

    You should celebrate! Go out and eat lots and lots of ice cream!!!!

    (just kidding... really!)

    The bad news about this is you might eventually have to buy a whole new wardrobe.

  5. Jessica |

    Thanks, everyone.

    Myron, what bad news? Don't you understand anything about women?? We live to buy new wardrobes! Actually, I'm half kidding about that. A shopping spree might be the definition of fabulous for most women, but it's certainly not appealing to me. So far, I'm staying clothed by accepting hand-me-downs wherever I can get them. :) And I can still wear my "fat clothes"; they're just baggy.

  6. Teriana |

    I hope you don't end up like mom with 8 of the exact same piece of clothing in different sizes.

  7. Anonymous |

    Congratulations J!!

    Myron, like most women, we have an entire wardrobe, different sizes in our closet already. Mine ranges from size 14 to Size 6. I am doing my darnest to fit into a size 6 again, tee hee.

    Congrats J, its hard to do and you are doing it.

    Keep on trucking!



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