A trip to the pumpkin farm


Written on Saturday, October 18, 2008 by Jessica

Last year the family pumpkin crop failed, so we took Seth to the local pumpkin farm. This year, even though the family crop was just fine, we turned the pumpkin farm into an annual tradition.

From A Trip to the Pumpkin Farm - 2008

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  1. Christina |

    What awesome photos. I can't get over how big he is from this time last year.

    You are such a great fam.

  2. Anonymous |

    Great pictures!!

    Seth looks so cute!! and he has grown!!

    J-I can tell you have lost weight!!


  3. Unknown |

    Seth looks like he had fun! Mom looks a little serious. :) Looks like a great tradition! :)

  4. Jessica |

    He's so big. Sometimes when I mean to sit down at the end of his feet when he's tucked into bed, I end up sitting on his feet b/c his legs are so much longer than I expect!

    Thx, Z! Got a compliment (sort of) from hubby tonight. "You're getting smaller, babe." I guess that means, "Keep up the good work." :)

    Lisa, in all the pix where I had a better smile, Seth was looking in another direction. Lots to see at the pumpkin farm.


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