National nurse-in scheduled


Written on Tuesday, November 21, 2006 by Jessica

A national nurse-in at Delta ticket counters is set for today. I wish I would've known. The nearest Delta ticket counter is about an hour-and-a-half from here. It's a little too late to just take off and go. And who says Seth would want to eat just then anyhow? (Picture me shoving his face into the milk maker, shouting, "Eat, child, eat!")

On the other hand, I feel a little sorry for Delta. This is turning into a PR nightmare, and technically, Delta didn't kick off the woman. A partner airline, Freedom Airlines, is the one that did it. I was aware of this when I wrote my complaint e-mail, of course, but I still knew Delta would have to be the one to put pressure on Freedom to change its policy. And it's working.

Sorry, Zoe. Come back next week when I'm finally over my righteous indignation. I'll try to start writing about another subject. :)

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