Psssst, Santa...


Written on Wednesday, December 13, 2006 by Jessica

...for Christmas can you make my mommy let me eat solid food?

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  1. Anonymous |

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Anonymous |

    My first post was filled with errors....I meant to say:

    That is such a cute picture of Seth!!

    I was going to take my cats to have their pictures taken with Santa at PETCO, but I was totally broke that week...and I was too embarassed to ask Monkeyman for a loan...oh well, there is always next year!!

    (I have four cats and each picture was $11.00)


  3. Jennifer |

    i would like to comment on your blog, but there are so many hilarious posts, i didn't know which one to pick! so why the censorship on this one, governor?

  4. Jessica |

    It was self-censorship. The comment's author removed the previous post b/c it was "filled with errors." :)

    So far, I've only had occasion to censor spam on my blog. I usually "delete is permanently," which means it doesn't even show up as a deleted post.

  5. Shana |

    Sweet picture.


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