What I like about winter


Written on Thursday, December 07, 2006 by Jessica

I don't particularly like wintertime. The cold and endless snow and short days can be depressing. (Fortunately, Baby's Daddy does all the shoveling and plowing, so it could be worse.) Anyhow, I'm compiling a list of its good points to help me feel better about winter.

1. No bugs.
2. You can buy perishable groceries during lunch and leave them in the car until you get home.
3. It's a free-for-all in the parking lots because all the lines are covered by snow. You can park anywhere you want!
4. Christmas.
5. [Your list item here.]

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  1. Shana |

    We get to play outside a lot!

    Oh, hold on, your list probably wasn't for people who live in the desert, huh?

    OK, then. NO BUGS! Whee!

  2. Jessica |

    We can play outside a lot, too. I'll have to post a pic of Seth in his snowsuit. :)

  3. Jessica |

    And actually, I did think about my friends in the desert. Are you at least a little jealous that we can leave perishables in the car?

  4. Anonymous |

    I can call up our parent company in New York and brag about our beautiful California weather...and then just happen to mention to the poor person on the other end of the line that I am wearing very light clothing. Yes, I love winter!

  5. Sherri Sanders |

    It gives you an excellent excuse to buy new boots! :D

  6. Valerie |

    The very first snowfall, with the sun shining on it and making it sparkle...so beautiful!

  7. Teriana |

    Easier to see Bambi in the snow (says Teriana w/ a maniacal laugh).


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