2007 Easter egg hunt


Written on Wednesday, May 09, 2007 by Jessica

Yes, it's true. This photo and others have been languishing in my camera for over a month.


To see the rest of our snowy Easter egg hunt, go here:
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  1. Christina |

    Too cute, what a sweet set of photos. I am glad that all of you had a good time and that Seth found some eggs!

  2. Anonymous |

    Thats such a nice picture. Your hair is very long. Did it grow long while you were pregnant?

    Seth is such a handsome little guy. You and baby Daddy did a good job.


    ps. You look younger in this picture than in your profile picture. Maybe its time for an update?

  3. Jessica |

    I've been waiting for a decent-looking photo of myself to show up. Even this one is pretty awful, if you ask me.

  4. Sherri Sanders |

    I think you look just fine. Seth is getting so big!

  5. Jessica |

    Okay, I now have a new profile pic.

  6. Jessica |

    I've tweaked the profile pic.

  7. Joanne |

    Nice new profile pic. Just wanted to say-Happy Mother's Day! This year it's official for us. :-)

  8. Christina |

    Happy Mom's day

  9. Jessica |

    Thanks, everyone, for the Mother's Day wishes.

    Z., I didn't answer your question about my long hair. I started growing it out a year before I got pregnant. Since we were planning to have a baby, I figured it'd be the last chance I'd have to have long hair. But then I had Seth and didn't get it cut. Go figure.

  10. Anonymous |

    Hi Jessica!

    What did Seth and Baby Daddy get for M's day?

    you hair is so nice and healthy looking!



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