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Written on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 by Jessica

Happy first birthday, Seth.


We had sixty-five people over for his party. I must be insane.

Click here for more photos.

You'll notice a predominance of photos of his little cake, which I decorated myself, thank you. I ended up running out of battery. I have to depend on others for more photos.
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  1. Unknown |

    Aw, he looks adorable!! Happy happy birthday! kiss hug :)

    Ps Looks like a good cake - bravo!

  2. Joanne |

    What a handsome little man! Glad your party went well. It's good to know I'm not the only insane one out there either. I'm secretly hoping like 20 people can't come so there will be only 40-45 people.

  3. Jessica |

    I might as admit the full extent of my insanity. I invited 140. The rule of thumb is that 50% of invitees will actually attend. So I was lucky -- the attendance rate was 46%. If another 5.6 people showed up, I would've run out of hot dogs. :)

  4. Shana |

    Wow, the cake turned out so cute (but not as cute as the birthday boy). Glad you survived the party.

  5. Sherri Sanders |

    I love the cake! You've become quite the Betty Crocker! :)

  6. Valerie |

    It was a very nice party! Kiera and I had fun!

    I enjoyed the food and company, and we didn't even eat any of your hot dogs. ;)

  7. Anonymous |

    What a handsome little man there!! The cake was also very nice!! you should go into business for yourself. Imagine, moving to CA and becoming a Cake Decorator to the Stars ; )

    glad you had fun. Seth looks like he is having fun just going for the cake! Kids are just wonderful.

    Happy Bday to Seth.

    to Baby's Dad and Jessica, you did very well...

  8. Christina |

    wow a year can you believe it. he liked the cake huh?

  9. Jessica |

    Betty Crocker! Ha! (More like Martha Stewart, thank you very much.)

    Val, I knew Kiera was having fun when she shouted, "Everybody dance!" :) Glad you could make it.

    Yeah, cake decorator to the stars. I'd make sure I got my own TV show like the Ace of Cakes.

    He loved the cake! He cried later on that night when I wouldn't let him have more.


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