My voice again


Written on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 by Jessica

My grandma thought she had the wrong cell phone number because she thought I sounded like a man.

As Sherri pointed out, I should look at the bright side: at least people don't mistake my voice for a child's. Plus, no one ever mistakes me for a man in person. That would be infinitely worse.

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  1. Unknown |

    Surely, your grandma should be used to your voice?? It's getting deeper?

    I get my sons confused on the phone, but never let on. I keep them talking long enough that I can figure out which one I'm talking to. :)

  2. Jessica |

    My grandma still remembers how my voice sounded before the pregnancy. The new deeper voice has been around for a year and a half, but it still throws her off.

    Even though my last name is now different, I can't bring myself to update my name on my work voicemail because it'll mean recording over my old voice.

  3. Christina |

    Sheri is right as long as your are not mistaken for a man in public you are okay

  4. Valerie |

    You should hear mine right now, I have a horrible cold, and I sound like I have smoked 2 packs a day for 40 years! LOL

    I hope you can find a happy place with your new voice!

  5. Teriana |

    Have someone else record the voice message at work. It'll seem like you have a secretary.

  6. Sherri Sanders |

    Charlie has started accusing me of smoking in secret, I've had a horrible raspy flemmy cough for about a month now.

    Even I find it completely disgusting!

  7. Alex |

    how is everythiung and everyone in your world?


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