Written on Tuesday, June 19, 2007 by Jessica

I have a walker on my hands! Yesterday is the date that will officially go in his baby book as the day he started walking. He's taken a few steps in the past, but yesterday he started walking all around the room. He was so excited! Baby's Daddy and I were excited, too.

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  1. Teriana |

    That's wonderful news. They'll be no keepng track of him now.

  2. Jessica |

    There'll be no knick-knacks, either.

  3. lisa's chaos |

    Good job little man! you're really going to drive your mom buggy now. :)

  4. ...a little of this and that....... |

    OMG! It's so exciting! I love the waddle they get because their diaper is so big....wheeeeeeeee!

  5. Z.M_Aguilar |

    Seth Congratulations!!

    You know those very shiny objects on the lower shelf of the knick knack cabinet your mother has in the living room, yes the pretty expensive ones?

    Please help yourself to every single one of them!!

    Don't forget to push all the buttons on the tv! Yes, its fun to push all those buttons, isn't it?

    Yeah, you are walking, congratulations...

    Your parents (aka Baby's Daddy and Jessica) I know are bursting with pride!!

    Me too!


  6. Danielle/Brooke |

    Now the real fun begins. Wait till he starts trying to climb the bookshelves.

  7. That Blue Girl |

    OMG! That's fabulous but horrifying at the same time. James is still cruising and pulling himself up and is getting into a LOT of stuff he shouldn't. Congrats!

  8. Jessica |

    In a few hours, he won't be an infant anymore. Sniffle.

  9. Christina |

    Awww, now he is a man on the run!

  10. Shana |

    Aaaaaagh! Your world has just. changed. FOREVER.

    How awesome. Congrats!


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